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A Class of Our Own

NRG Health is excited to introduce our brand-new fitness classes. Our qualified and experienced instructors are passionate about helping class participants make fitness part of their lifestyle with the goals of improving overall health and wellbeing.

Our classes are welcoming, inclusive and a lot of fun. Regardless of your age or fitness level, the Team at NRG-Health will make you feel comfortable while providing plenty of options for exercise adherence to suit your fitness requirements.

So whether you’re a seasoned gym junkie or a reforming couch potato, come along and try a class.


Class Timetable

Our weekly class timetable is as follows:


Hybrid Core Classes

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A Hybrid Core Class is a combination of different core-based exercises to challenge the strength, endurance, and integrity of your body core unit.

The combination and coordination of core-based exercises ranging from Fitball, Pilates Mat and Resistance training principles utilising weighted plates and resistive bands will offer a variety of core unit recruitment to increase the strength your body core unit while reducing your risk of injury, especially of the spine.

Hybrid core classes are low-impact on the joints, with a moderate intensity level for muscle stimulation and high core activation.All Hybrid Core Classes are instructed by qualified fitness instructors, who hold current certificates for Insurance, First Aid, CPR, and Working with Childrens check.

The aims of our instructors are to educate and deliver on core unit activation and control through movement, while assessing your ability to perform the various movement patterns and provide modifications if required.

Our clinic is a safe and comfortable environment, where people can learn, experience, and enjoy exercise therapy.

We require all participants to abide by our class rules and regulations, with the completion of a physical activity health history form to ensure your safety in the participation of our group exercise classes.

Hybrid Core Classes are suitable for any person sixteen years and over to attend. Classes are small to ensure participant safety and instruction interaction.

Hybrid Core Aims

  • Establish core unit activation and develop strength through a variety of movement patterns and equipment.
  • Increases your body awareness (pelvic floor & core muscles) via the combination of core unit activation and low-impact movements.
  • Improves posture, coordination, stability and muscular strength of the core unit.
  • Reduces injury risks and lower back pain through corrective muscles activation.
  • Improves athletic performance via a stronger core unit recruitment.

Hybrid Core Class Details:

Class Duration: 45 minutes

When: Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15pm

Where: 71 Oxide Street

Cost: $15.00 per session (payable to reception on arrival).

Participation is limited to small group numbers (8-10 people). Minimum age 16 years.

Note: There are elements of kneeling for an extended period of time in class. Floor mats and kneeling pads are supplied.


Enquiries or bookings contact NRG-Health on (08) 8088 2612.